Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Illuminate from the inside out!

Dearest Friends,
Welcome to Summer, we just passed the Summer Solstice & the New moon is July 11th!

At this time of the year the earth is being showered with a vast amounts of light, this is a time to transform any negativity or darkness in your life for the greater good of yourself and all that you desire for your life. Transmute bad habits & thoughts into practical light filled ways to live. Each day is a new day and an opportunity to rewrite your destiny. As the world changes at a vast rate we are faced with great challenge both personal and collective. All truths are being revealed to us from politics to environment and from human behavior to health. Everything has a polarity and this means with every challenge an equal opposite/polarity comes and for this we have to be thankful, there are remarkable beings creating and providing amazing tools with which to illuminate your life.

This month I am highlighting events( with lots of explanation :) ) that are featuring the work of such beings. Please join me as we delve into the beauty that life has to offer. Spread the light and share this news with your family and friends.

In Love, Peace and Light

p.s I will be joining you all on the Juicy Naam Cleanse, this will be a trans-formative & life changing journey :) YAY!!!! 

                                                                           Nurture   Love   Be



Unleash your Inner Beauty and Truth.

A very special offer for all SEEDSOFSUNLIGHT friends.


BEGIN YOUR DETOX anytime July 19th through July 25th
·     A Pre-Cleanse Health Evaluation and Consultation
·     A Customized Juice Fast, including juices, herbs and salts & supplements
·     One week of Naam Yoga
·     Ongoing private One on One support throughout your Cleanse

$450 for 3 days; $675 for 5 days; 950 for 7 days


The Juicy Naam Cleanse is a comprehensive customized program designed to bring about transformational shifts in consciousness. We incorporate the best Organic ingredients and Superfoods to provide the most nutritious combination of fresh organic juices, smoothies, herbs in the balance that is right for YOU.

Our juices and foods are made by staff that cares about the outcome of each clients' cleanse experience. We play mantra in our kitchens which is infused into everything we make, and everything from the juices to the treatments are of the highest vibration, because you are what you eat. We calculate each persons' kabbalistic planetary blueprint and look at several other coordinates to determine what may be out of balance, and customize the Cleanse using this information as well as what you provide on your Health History.

Naam yoga and meditation may be incorporated into your program to facilitate a rapid transformation, which begins with a thorough health evaluation and includes ongoing support and coaching before, during and after your cleanse. This is an amazing way to get through a period of transition, or to jump start one, with all the Grace and Light you need.

Summer is one of the great time for detoxification and this combination of Naam Yoga and Juicing is guaranteed to propel your life! The Cleanse is completely customized according to your lifestyle, habits, health concerns, schedule and preferences.

To read more about the cleanse
Click Here

For further inquires and or to sign up call Anastasia 917 664 2309

We are very excited to be working with Seeds of Sunlight to bring The Juicy Naam Cleanse to you.  We are looking forward to supporting you throughout your Cleanse.

Private Naam Meditation and Yoga & Harmonyum will be offered at special prices for the duration of your cleanse.



Saturdays: July 17 & August 21
1:00 -3:00PM 

Taught by Renee Skuba

Merge with Naam Yoga's rich composition of therapeutic modalities including mudra, pranayam, meditation, sound vibration, meridian point therapy and health-enhancing energetic movements specifically tailored for pregnancy.

Classes will include:
  • A Pre-natal Naam Yoga class for vitality and strength.
  • Essential exercises for a happy, healthy pregnancy and a conscious birth.
  • Techniques for spiritually connecting with the baby and emphasizing the development of positive attributes while in utero.
  • Powerful skills for improving the physical experience of pregnancy
  • Time for deep relaxation, bathed in heavenly light and beautiful Naam vibration. Learn how to re-create this experience at home

For pregnant women, couples, yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, nurses and all that have an interest.

 Universal Force Healing Center 
7 West 24th St., NYC
info@naamyoga.com or 917.606.1730

Join us for a joyous and venusian presentation of
rms beauty products.

  You did not miss this event,
 Rose-Marie had to re-schedule as she was traveling with work.
Rose-Marie of rms beauty is hosting an intimate in home presentation of her rms beauty products. An original, pure, organic color cosmetic line created by celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. Based on organic and loving principles each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin.

Rose-Marie will offer her expert tips on creating a glowing, flawless face with her products highlighting the ease and versatility as well as health benefits that rms beauty gives to the skin.This is a fabulous opportunity to ask questions, learn her insider secrets and indulge in the healthiest cosmetics that will
help you overhaul your makeup bag!

Thursday, July 15th
6:30 - 8:30pm

Rose-Marie will offer 20% discount on all products for this special evening.

Please RSVP by Monday July 12th Click Here
There is no fee for this evening, please feel free to invite friends
and rsvp accordingly.

For the location please RSVP above or call

Rose-Marie Swift has been a make-up artist for over 20 years, and her work has been featured in the worlds top fashion magazines. She has worked with top fashion photographers in the world including Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz, and Patrick Demarchelier. Rose-Marie wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty, and embarked on a path that brought her to the creation of "RMS Beauty" organic make-up line. Rose-Marie continues to work in the fashion industry, and now uses RMS Beauty products on some of the world's most famous faces. She created the website Beauty Truth to dispel beauty myths and expose the dangers of personal care products. Visit RMS Beauty

Naam Yoga & Meditation
Is a sacred science and art that opens the heart. Merging the use of Breath, Asana (physical practice), Mudra (hand positions; acts in a similar way to reflexology) and Mantra (sacred word; regulates the mind and shifts consciousness, stimulates meridian points) it purifies, stimulates and strengthens all of the bodily systems increasing awareness and consciousness, allowing us to better directs our behavior, our choices, our relationships, and our lives. Through the practical application of Yoga and meditation each individual will organically experience the presence of grace, radiance and unity in their lives, mind, body and soul.

Universal Force Healing Center
7 West 24th Street NYC
917 606 1730
click for more information

Everyone's, first class free, so bring a friend!

Sun 11
Wed 14
Sun 18 
Wed 21
Sun 25
Wed 28 

Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm $12
Sundays 11am-12:30pm $17

  Sunday 7/11/2010
  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

  Saturday 7/24/2010
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

"Life is a gift that manifests in three areas: will, heart and intellect. Let people know you by the light of your intelligence, the warmth of your heart and the strength of your soul."
Joseph Michael Levry, Gurunam

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