Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shoot for the Sun and the Moon, Land in the Stars.

Happy Radiant & Joyous 2010
WE made it, yea, last year was massive in so many ways for so many, as far as we go down we come back up again flying for who knows how long before we start the descent again, this continuous world of whats up goes down and whats down goes up. Thank God for Polarities :) and along the way we get better and more graceful at both the ascent and descent! Revealing that both direction are laden with gifts and blessings, laughter and tears, ecstasy, bliss and frustration and toil. And this we must, dedicate ourselves to the glorious toil of life, life is work and work is life, continuing to peel the layers away to only come upon another layer, this is the beauty of life, our hearts can rest in the fact that perfect is not something we strive for perfect is and is ever evolving.

The very simple, cliche and sometimes frustrating thing to hear, in your strengths you will find the key to your weaknesses and in your weakness you will find the key to your strengths/success's, and that failure brings wisdom. This gives us a very simple strategy with which to look at everything that happens, exists and becomes, how do you plant your seeds and how do you continue to tend the garden of life. Know that every word, breathe , thought, action and deed is writing the book of life and they are responsible for shape tomorrows pages will take. Blessings come most often indirectly so give freely as much as you are able, and replenish yourself often.
May 2010 be a year that we all find simple, courageous and intuitive ways to awaken more beauty in our already divine beings, face our darkness and revel in all the glory and joy it will bring into our existence as we greet it with a smile. Find time to slow down and get to know yourself, as you do you will see the beauty that is, you and the universe as one, the Sun the Moon and all the Stars live within, let them shine bright for the many as well as your self. Have awareness that true spirituality, meditation, yoga starts when you get off the mat so to speak.

As the beloved Gurunam says " Shoot for the Sun and the Moon if you don't make it you will land amongst the stars." I am listing the meditation practice that Gurunam recommended to do for 32 days to get your year off to a great, strong and radiant start.

Feel free to connect with me if you need help with the practice, all music is available via or if your in NYC at Universal Force Healing Center on 24th St

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32 Day New Year Meditation for 2010
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1. Clap you hands for 1 minute to the following Mantra
Har Om Sat Nam Hari Om Hari (one clap per word)

2.Clap your hands for 3 minutes to the following Mantra, one clap per word
Hari Har Hari Har
Hari Hari Hari Har
Hari Har Hari Har
Hari Hari Har

3. Rhythmic Eck Ong Kar ( toucj of Namm Cd track 5 or Seal of Higher Destiny track 2)
Hands in Surbhi  Mudra ( see Code of the Masters pg 55)
Chant 11 minutes
Note : in between ecah round of the mantra you take an inhale, 4 part segmented inhale breath, and you will notice sometimes it is spoken or chanted, follow this rhythm.

4. Hari Hari Hari Hari Hari Hari Har ( sounds of ether track 2)
Hands in Middle pillar or Tree of Life Mudra
Note: Mudra see Divine Dr under Exercises to Overcome Health Challenges pg 136

5. Sat Nam Hari Nam Hari Nam Hari
Hari Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari
Right hand rest in left palm, plams facing up with thumb tips touching. Hands are approximatley 4-6 inches form the body at the level of the heart center.
Chant 11 minutes

6. Sat Nam( Sat Kriya) in rhythm with (Namm Lounge track 3)
Mudra; Guru Gyan Shakti- hands at heart center, fingers interlaced wiht the index and middle finger extended upwards.
Chant 11 minutes
Note: this rhythm is slower than the traditional Sat Kriya, though still the same intention with the navel and root lock on the Sat and release on the Nam.

7. Guru Guru Wahe Guru
Guru Ram Das Guru (Touch of Naam CD trcak 2)
Mudra: Sarab Shakti- Hands at the heart center, fingers interlaced and pointing the index finger upwards.
Chant 11 minutes