Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seeds of the New Moon

Dearest Friends,

Happy and Blessed New Moon
I hope this finds you all radiant in your heart and smiling in your mind.

The New Moon marks the beginning of the waxing Moon, a time for us to plant new seeds, that will grow into strong trees and blossom sweet fruit that again will sow plentiful seeds. New seeds come in the shapes of many, inspiring conversations, sharing heartfelt truths of dreams, journalling to-do lists on how you will manifest, a simple action each day towards a new habit that will facilitate more health and joy filled life, like eating well. Whatever it may be, the cycles of nature are so for a reason, they are a guide, a masterful guide that we can draw upon for inspiration and counsel.

We all need a road map in life and the shift and changes of nature can be a expansive teacher and map to the inner workings of our innate intelligence. The likeness of the universe as the macrocosm and man as the microcosm, continually reflecting each other. So I encourage you all to look within and begin a new habit, sowing the seeds of your heart in this waxing Moon. Envision the eternal candle light that lives in your heart and let it light you way with courage, take risks and shine bright. As we do this we give light for others around to do the same and it reflects back to us with even more brilliance. One step at a time in the path of 1000 steps. As we experience the shifts in season and move towards the busy fall and winter months its important to think about how we relax, relaxation is so integral towards health, healing and happiness. Is there any point in just go go go and then waking up one day and going what did I really do for the last month, every day is loaded with beauty and opportunity for evolution and healing, joy and laughter even under the most extreme pressure. This though is only possible when there is a state of relaxation, in turn creating a state of absolute presence in each and every moment, a state or relaxed being that is accessed simply and innately.

Given the stress that is occupying the larger part of society from many different angles, financial, emotional, health we have lost touch with relaxation in it simplicity. I am not talking of booking a flight to the Bahama's for 10 days I am talking about the simple ability to breathe and smile in the face of life, to be able to take time for your self and move through your day feeling and living life in all it shades and tones. You get to the end of your day and you remember it all, some with love and some with discernment and all with a sense of humor. When this behaviour takes place you are able to work with ease and keep up the pace, make decisions with clarity and intuitive intelligence, know when to serge ahead and when to step back. Our ability to relax greatly influences our health, physically, emotionally and mentally. Our ability to relax and surrender is a very important place to experience as it is the doorway to making and or receiving change.

Relaxation is ultimate to total well-being. True growth and change is evolutionary not revolutionary, and happiness in life begins with happiness in the self, and this happiness begins with RELAXING.
Below is simple and beautiful mediation that cultivates relaxation and, peace, self-confidence and truth. I particularly like to practice this with this musical accompaniment, Ardas Bahee by Simrit Kaur its very transcending.This mantra brings hope and grants humility.


1. Sit in a meditative position, hands in prayer pose at your heart center.(This Mudra balances the hemispheres of the brain)
2. Close your eyes and focus at your third eye point.
3. Inhale through nose 20 counts, Hold 20 counts and Exhale through nose 20 counts.

Minimum 3 minutes, a good time period to really start to feel the benefits is 11 minutes and you may extend up to 31 minutes.

Ideally we want to work to 20 counts, start with what you can do having all 3 parts equal eg Inhale 8, Hold 8, Exhale 8, the result will still take effect even with less time, and work towards the count of 20 and you will see the benefits evolve as you do. As we slow the rate of the breath down it slows the mind and emotions and promotes relaxation of the nervous system and inturn the rest of being follows. This breath pattern can be practiced anytime, anywhere no need to attach this mudra, the breath alone will change the space within and outside, so you may practice in a meeting, on the subway, on the line at the grocery store. Like attracts Like.

To truly see the effects of any meditation in your daily life, it is like everything it takes commitment, a practice of 40 days and you will unquestionably feel, see and live the difference.

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Sending you all LOve, Peace and SunLight

Harmonyum is the science of releasing our life force, so as to strengthen our radiance and give us an expanded life and capacity. Harmonyum is the science of returning the systems of the body to a healthy balance unblocking the innate natural healing capacities of the body. As we are turned toward our higher nature our life capacity is expanded and strengthened.
Harmonyum involves the touch of the hands along and around the client's spine and head with the client remaining fully clothed. This soothing and continuous touch promotes feelings of calmness and serenity, a gentle and non-invasive healing process.
Harmonyum raises the vibratory frequency of the physical body, in turn raising the frequencies of the mental and spiritual bodies. It neutralizes negative karmic effects or energy blocks from the past, while releasing the body's vital life force, and activating the body's innate healing mechanism. Harmonyum transforms your life as it synchronizes physical and mental functions in order to enhance our adaptive capacities, leading to glowing health, happiness and longevity through slowing down of the aging process.
Harmonyum is Rejuvenation. The results of Harmonyum after a single session will be a deep sense of relaxation and peace, as if years of mediation have been practiced. After a few sessions of Harmonyum your whole being will vibrate with vitality and you will experince an aligning toward your truest and highest nature.